Cost Segregation Consulting

SunState Consulting provides consulting services for businesses seeking to grow and become more profitable. We work with business owners to analyze the needs of their individual companies. We offer access to a variety of financing options and business development services. One key component to profitability in the current economic climate is reducing expenses wherever possible. Our clients have direct access to one of the most effective tools in the industry to reduce tax liability, commonly known as cost segregation.

Cost segregation is the practice of asset classification and management to maximize the depreciation of those assets. Many owners of real estate use the inefficient and outdated depreciation model known as straight line depreciation. When they acquire real estate, they merely depreciate 1/39 of the cost of that real estate each year. Using cost segregation, those same real estate assets are depreciated at a greatly accelerated pace. This increased depreciation allows a significant reduction in the tax liability for the owners of the property.

Further, in 2010 the IRS tax code allows a “look back” period of up to 5 years to recoup taxes previously overpaid due to incorrect depreciation. In 2010, businesses are also allowed to have a 50% bonus depreciation on any asset with a service life of less than 20 years. Many businesses receive substantial tax refunds with their amended returns using the services we provide.

Please browse our website to learn more about the services we offer and to view a few client testimonials and case studies. To learn more about cost segregation and how we can help your business, please contact us to discuss your needs.