How We Choose Our Venture Capital Investments

We seek companies with first-to-market advantage and large market opportunities companies with the ambition to create and lead new categories. While we focus on early-stage investments, we have access to the financial resources to provide lifecycle funding for our companies. We select companies that have a sustainable competitive advantage by offering highly differentiated, demonstrably superior products and services. At SunState Consulting, we invest venture capital in companies well positioned to dominate fundamentally important emerging markets.

Our venture capital investors base their funding decisions not just on the potential of an idea, but also on the entrepreneurial team’s ability to execute. We’re looking for entrepreneurs with a clear vision of the business they want to build, as well as an extensive understanding and experience of the market space they are addressing. Entrepreneurs must have leadership and team-building skills, including a talent for communicating their ideas and for inspiring others with their vision. Because markets and technologies are rapidly changing, we look for entrepreneurs who can continually learn from, adapt to, and find new ways of profiting from changing conditions.

If you are interesting in obtaining venture capital, pleaseĀ contact us to discuss your needs orĀ click here to apply online.

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