Professional Business Plans


SunState Consulting provides professional business development services, including business plans, accounts receivable factoring, venture capital, purchase order financing, start-up financing and mezzanine financing to businesses worldwide. Your search for innovative sources of capital is over! You have found the company which will meet your financing and factoring needs and help you solve your cash flow problems. Please browse our site and let us know when we can begin to solve your cash flow and capital requirements.


Many of our clients’ financing and capital needs fall into the following categories. However, our services are tailored to meet every client’s individual financial needs.

  • Professional Business Plans
    The first step toward obtaining financing for your new business. Several Business Plan options are designed to meet your individual needs.
  • Financing
    Start-up Financing is available to entrepreneurs and businesses based upon a solid business model with a credit worthy structure.
    Venture Capital meets the needs of entrepreneurs searching for new business loan funding, or any company that does not fit into any other funding model.
    Mezzanine Financing meets the needs of a new but profitable company prior to a bank being willing to offer lines of credit.
    Purchase Order Financing is designed to meet the needs of businesses with less than perfect credit.
  • Account Receivable Factoring
    Accounts Receivable Factoring solves immediate and short term cash flow needs.
  • Real Estate Investment Financing
    Financing for investors looking to purchase residential property as an investment (non-owner occupied) with low down payments and competitive rates.

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