Accounts Receivable Factoring Criteria

Investment Criteria: From startups to Fortune 500 Credit worthy customers who pay in a predictable manner Any product or service Preferred Size of Investment: $1,000 to $10 million Capital for Investment: SunState Consulting has access to funding in excess of $200 million for factoring of … [Read more...]

Can Factoring Help Your Business?

SunState Consulting provides assistance to companies in need of working capital to maintain or expand their business. The main objective of factoring or financing purchase orders is to increase your working capital. Factoring and purchase order financing allow you to use funds that are advanced … [Read more...]

How We Choose Our Venture Capital Investments

We seek companies with first-to-market advantage and large market opportunities companies with the ambition to create and lead new categories. While we focus on early-stage investments, we have access to the financial resources to provide lifecycle funding for our companies. We select companies that … [Read more...]

What is Factoring?

What is Factoring? Accounts receivable factoring (invoice factoring) is the selling of your receivables (invoices) for cash now rather than waiting 30-90 days or more for your customers to pay you. Factoring is a great and relatively inexpensive way to improve your cash flow and get the working … [Read more...]

Mezzanine Financing

Mezzanine Financing SunState Consulting invests in subordinated debt securities of small and midsize businesses including micro cap companies. The fund pursues an investment strategy based upon in-depth evaluations of the credit fundamentals of issuers with well established products or services, … [Read more...]